NIPÜF completes another land transaction

8 January, 2020 – A 4-hectare building plot was recently sold by NIPÜF Group to Korean Soulbrain’s Hungarian subsidiary, in Inpark Tatabánya industrial park. Soulbrain will employ 40 people in the new factory, where electrolytes for  lithium-ion batteries will be produced.

With its headquarters in South Korea, Soulbrain specializes in the development and manufacturing of semiconductors, displays, battery parts and other electronic products. In its new plant the company will produce high-quality, non-aqueous electrolytes for lithium batteries used on a diverse spectrum from mobile devices to electric cars. In the first phase of the investment a new 4,700-sqm production facility will be built, creating 40 new jobs. Test run may begin by the end of 2020.

Soulbrain’s was the second land transaction in NIPÜF’s 62-hectare industrial park in Tatabánya. Germany-based OTTO FUCHS Hungary Kft., known for its aluminum wheels, purchased a 20-hectare development plot in 2018. The company, which employs more than 500 people, intends to expand its production capacity with a large manufacturing plant.

NIPÜF delivered both plots ready for immediate use. Preparatory works included geotechnical surveys and infrastructure development (road connection, electricity, gas, water and sewage).

Another 33-hectare area is available in the park for sale or for development. In addition, NIPÜF plans to construct a 10,000-sqm warehouse with flexible lease options, even in smaller units.

NIPÜF’s portfolio comprises more than 150,000 sqm of warehouse space leased or under construction, 970 hectares of industrial development land in 17 prime locations throughout Hungary ready to accommodate further Hungarian and foreign companies.