Inpark is the brand name for the Hungarian state-owned National Industrial Park Management and Development Company (NIPÜF). Our core business is developing industrial properties, supporting the property needs of both Hungarian and international clients. We offer standard and built-to-suit facilities, and we are constantly expanding our portfolio to find better ways to fulfil the needs of our customers.


Inpark was founded by the Hungarian state but operates as a classic property developer on a market basis.
We offer fast, flexible and reliable services to our clients all over Hungary. Logistics centers, manufacturing halls or warehouses – we offer a full range of services related to the development and leasing of industrial facilities, including land search and preparation, planning and permitting, construction, as well as long-term property management.
Our real estate professionals have decades of experience in property development and project management on the Hungarian and international industrial property market. Their diverse skill set and innovative approach ensure that our clients get the competitive edge in implementing their individual property plans.